The Monica Closet

The One With the Monica Closet.

For those of you who love the show Friends as much as I do, you may recall that Monica had a closet full of stuff. It was always off-limits to guests, and we only saw the contents when Chandler broke in!

I confess… I have a catch-all closet just like Monica! Living in a small apartment, every square inch of storage counts, so I need to maximize storage space. My Monica Closet is directly off of our kitchen, so my goal is for it to house cleaning supplies, back stock, utilities, etc.

I finally organized the Monica Closet and I’m happy to let you in on my process for maximizing the space.

Monica Closet After Photo

The Case For Chrome Shelving

Below you can see the evolution of this closet and how it originally had plastic shelving. This served a purpose, but wasn’t a great fit. I wanted to make the most of the vertical/floor space, so I ordered matching chrome shelving to fit on either side.

If you’re not in a position to do built in shelves, you can most likely find a chrome shelving unit in the perfect size. Chrome shelving doesn’t collect too much dust, they are easy to clean, and they are heavy duty. These are great for garages, basements, office supplies, utility closets and pantries.

I made the mistake of impulsively buying those navy blue bins because they were on sale. They weren’t the ideal size and I couldn’t see through the basket weave, it made me realize I wanted something transparent. Sometimes you need to know what you don’t like in order to figure out what you do like.

I finally made the investment in the right containers, ordering varying sizes of these Multi Purpose Transparent Bins. They are great because they are light-weight, they are easy to move, and transparent. They don’t even need labels!

Now, I can’t wait to show off this closet the next time we have friends over! Do you have a Monica Closet?

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