Preparing for an appointment

A first time client of mine asked me:

“Is there anything I should do [physically or emotionally] to prepare before our appointment?”

It was such a great question. I replied:

“I will meet you wherever you are. I’m not going to force you to get rid of anything you’re not ready to let go of.”

She was relieved!

When arrived for our appointment she quickly apologized that she didn’t have time to clean up, but after a moment reflected…

“It probably helps you to see how we really live.”

I smiled and assured her:

“Yes it absolutely does!”

My job as a professional organizer is to help you identify what isn’t functioning about the way you are living in your space, and work with you to create function in that space.

Seeing the “mess” actually helps me help you. There is no judgement, just learning and understanding.



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