How To Turn old Electronics into Cash

How to turn old electronics into cash.

This is an older post from 2016, but it is a good reminder to tackle any old electronics you may have sitting around.

Selling items is a great way to get rid of stuff, but it takes time. I always ask, is the payout worth the time? If the answer is no, donate or recycle.

Research and Compare

I found this helpful article, which summarizes five great sites that will help you turn old electronics into cash. The more recent the model and better the condition, the better the trade-in price.

Offload Memorabilia

When I originally sat down to do this, I realized my old electronics had survived five years and five moves, and I hadn’t used them since. They were the Flip Camera (2010), Macbook Pro (2008), and Sony Cybershot Digital Camera (2007). I held onto them so long because they contained memorabilia, so I invested in a Dropbox account to transfer old files.


The Gazelle database didn’t list my MacBook so I reached out to their customer service to inquire if they would still accept it. They responded within minutes and I received an instant online quote for $50. A few days later I received this box at my door, with a pre-printed label. I packed it up and shipped it out via FedEx. Gazelle offers to wipe your device clean for you, but I opted to do that part myself.


The process was super easy and I would recommend it. Use this link to receive $10 off your first purchase or trade-in.

Amazon Trade-In

I wanted to try the Amazon trade-in service even though I knew my old cameras were nearly worthless. I searched for the make and model, answered a few questions about the condition. Amazon made me an offer and once I accepted it, they provided the shipping label.


Amazon quoted me $17.02 for the Flip Camera but I only received $9.72 due normal wear and tear. They determined the scratching on the lens was worse than I thought. Even still, it was nice to get the trade-in as an Amazon credit.

The verdict:

If you plan to sell your old electronics, I highly recommend either trade-in site. They were both easy to use and quick turnaround.

Do you have old electronics sitting around collecting dust? I hope you found this helpful!

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